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In this video I’m shading and colouring with techniques used for neotraditional styles.

Some of my work

On the left you can see some of my work. Some pictures are fresh and others are healed.


  • I'm fortunate enough to have been Roger’s first official apprentice. He taught me so much, and he taught me well. Not only did he teach me about tattooing, but about life as well. It's the little things that matter, that make you a good person. He is a kind, gentle master and teacher. Roger is a guy with a good heart, who certainly isn’t afraid to learn. That’s what makes our relationship so special, and what makes Bunker Tattoo such a great environment for an apprenticeship. You have to be open to criticism, as well as able to adjust. Every now and then, Roger will throw you in at the deep end. He’s brought me to various places, from crowded events to tattooing live on television. A few examples: Human Rights Tattoo, Lowlands festival and a number of conventions. He also knows how to be thankful and grateful. To show how much he appreciates my work efforts, he rewards me with something special every now and again. So far, he’s given me a machine, many dinners and an iPad Pro. The pressure is high, but it’s easy to deal with because of who he is. And I will always be very thankful to him for these great experiences.

    Bobeus Tattooer
  • Roger is the kind of person that takes you under his wing. He shares his knowledge and experience to help you lose your insecurities. He’s a good leader and an even better coxswain. You just know he's there for you. In the years that we've been working together, I've seriously learned so much. Much more than just tattooing and drawing. Roger knows how to spot talent and doesn’t give up on someone.

    Sebastian Hess Hess
  • My name is Rutger Termohlen. I've been an artist for many years, but I've recently started tattooing at Bunker. I draw, paint and tattoo about the animal in humans and the humanity in animals. Bunker Tattoo is one of the most inspiring places. Roger has created an environment where I can learn, be free to explore and feel at home. It's about self-development, creativity, and love. The team’s bond is palpable and everyone is very loyal to the shop. Roger appreciates every effort with the right amount of authority. He tailors his way of teaching to the person being taught. I feel so fortunate that he gave me this chance. He told me that authenticity, truth, and friendship are very important at Bunker Tattoo. That's exactly where I feel confident. Roger, thank you soooo much!

    Rutger Termohlen Rutger Termohlen
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